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App Development Terms & Conditions

by North East Web Designer

App Development Terms & Conditions

Ready-made solution will be used for the project.

All the features will be the same as available in the demo app.

Inclusion: What is included?

Multi Vendor eCommerce System full setup, installation including:

1. Customer app compilation and publishing in the play store,

2. Deliveryman app compilation and publishing in the play store,

3. Seller app compilation and publishing in the play store,

4. Admin panel

5. App name change

6. App graphic icons change

Exclusion: What is not Included?

1. Maintenance .

2. play console fees 25usd and Google map API (Google map API you have to verify with your credit/debit card google will charge as per the usage.

3. Hosting and domain charges not included (for startup you can use hostinger shared cloud hosting charges approx 15 thousand, while renewing hosting after one year the charges may increase its depends upon hosting company we do not have any control over any decision taken by hosting companies)

3. Modification

4. Adding Extra Features

5. IOS App

6. Product upload ( we will not upload products for our clients)

7. Please note ring notification is not available
8. Color variation not available

9. Whatever that is not mentioned in Inclusion
Terms & Conditions

1. App functionality will be the same as the demo which we have shown in the demo
No modification or redesign is possible afterwards. (we can give a try however, if we are not able to do that, we will inform that we cannot do modifications)

3. Once the admin panel/app is ready we will provide you admin login credentials” you have to upload contents by your own.

4 We first show a demo, and we offer the same, nothing more or less than the demo.

5.Once you are satisfied with a demo and paid, we will develop your site as per demo and quotation, no modification / re-design will be possible.

6. Kindly do not request modifications or changes once your app is ready as per demo/quotation/agreement.

7. As we all know web design and development is not easy, and there are always “can be / cannot be”, And pricing also matters.

8. To be clear from our end We show you a demo and quotation/agreement before starting your project.

9. As per google’s new policy we think Alcohol selling online is prohibited, therefore we recommend not to upload products that are prohibited,
Selling alcohol, tobacco etc. online will open a whole host of regulatory issues which the authorities may frame altogether new rules in order to regulate it.

10. We never accept illegal website projects and do not support them. Please send us query only if you are planning to launch a type of website/app which is not illegal”
We are freelance web designers and developers. We work from our comfortable place and zone, please do not call us to your place or home regarding design and development, we never visit anyone’s residence or invited place for web design and development projects.