The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning Northeastwebdesigner

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning: A lot of people make a living by writing articles on the internet, and there are a lot of sites and portals where a writers’ article is published and displayed. For experienced writers, the art of article spinning is a must-have attribute.

Article spinning is the method of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags.

Search engines regard each version of a submitted article as a unique article, and when submitted to article directories, it is imperative to have unique articles so that they are each indexed.

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning:

The term article cloning, which is also called or referred to as article spinning, or article rewriting, is a unique way of taking an original article and changing it so that it seems like a new article.

This method or process is not really a bad thing if it is done by the original author or a public domain article rewritten manually, but could become muddled if done using an article cloning program.

Currently, there are several article cloning programs available, and according to article spinning analysts, they pretty much do the same thing, which is turn a good article into a bad one. However, some programs do work properly and effectively.

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning:

So exactly just what does an article cloner or spinner do?. Most cloners or spinners have options to replace certain words with comparable words that may, or may not mean the same thing, add blocks of text at the beginning, middle and end of existing articles and move blocks of text around.

Article spinners may indicate that the replacement word list for the specific software used was not as good or effective as theirs.

However, most professional spinners would note that it would not matter which version of cloning software you use, it’s how you do the writing or spinning yourself. According to experts, nearly all words have many different meanings and can mean different things in whatever context they are used.

Computers just aren’t smart enough to know which meaning of the word or context the author is using it in, and because of this, the articles becomes mostly muddled or lack direction.

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning:

Observers also add that after cloning the article you are left with two choices, either to submit it as it is, or go thru the article and fix everything.

Neither is a good idea if you consider that by cloning, then fixing the article, you’ve wasted more time than if you had simply written a new article.

However, with the entry of new computer programs, articles can be spun effectively, spooled, or re-written automatically using good software.

But if you create a well-written article to begin with, and then use the software correctly as a guide or reference, the software can re-write it into hundreds or even thousands of unique, high quality pieces that you would be confident enough to put your name on. And additionally, they will be more than unique enough to avoid the duplicate content filters that abound.

The upper hand (Advantages) Of Article Spinning:

If a writer wants to be successful, he or she should be able to get his or her well-written article onto hundreds or even thousands of other websites. To be profitable in writing articles for the internet, one needs to create uniquely written articles for each website, and get paid good sums for it.

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